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Chain Plate Conveyor Belt


Chain Plate Conveyor Belt

Two types: perforated chain plate conveyor belt and non perforated conveyor belt

1. Material of the chain plate conveyor belt

Stainless steel, carbon steel

2. Advantages of the chain plate conveyor belt

1) Using high quality raw material, processed by laser cutting technique and driven by chain, surface of the belt is smooth and steady, which is suitable for the conveyor of small products with high density.

2) The conveyor belt runs steadily, it’s easy to set up and maintance, if use properly, it can work for a long time.

3) Strong load capacity, suitable for medium and large density products transportation.

4) High flexibility, it can finish level, tilt, overturn and other difficult works in one conveyor line.

5) Punching hole can be customized as per requirements to meet different needs.

6) Flat-top chain is a special kind of chain plate conveyor belt with small friction, the simple structure makes it easy to maintance.

3. Application of the chain plate conveyor belt

It’s widely used for the automatic conveyor of food, canned food, medicine, cosmetics, animal slaughtering production line, paper production line. Also, the distribution and package line.

In cooling line and the conveyor of different kinds of metal products, it also plays an important part.

4. Drawing of the chain plate conveyor belt


If need non-perforated chain plate conveyor belt, just ignore the hole diameter.


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