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Eye Link Conveyor Belt


Eye-link Conveyor Belt

1. Introduction of the eye-link conveyor belt

Eye-link conveyor belt, as the name, is made by wires which be processed into eye links, and the connected by rod. While processing, fluid and gas can get throught the belt easily, and it’s easy to clean and maintance.

2. Advantages of the eye-link conveyor belt

1) Aperture of the belt can be increased, therefore high air permeability and dehydration capacity can be reached.

2) Driven by chain and sprockets, so slip buckle phenomenon can be avoided.

3) It’s made for heavy load and high speed products.

4) Smooth and flat surface, and customized size, customers can choose size as per different application field.

3. Application of the eye link conveyor belt

It’s widely used for following applications: freezing equipment, dehydration and anti-bacteria machine, cleaning machine, packing machine, drying and filtration field, etc.

4. Drawing of the eye-link conveyor belt