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Flat Flex Conveyor Belt


Flat Flex Conveyor Belt

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1. Brief introduction of the flat flex conveyor belt

Flat flex conveyor belt, also called chocolate conveyor belt, ladder conveyor belt, it’s made by assembling the successively bent wires.

It has light weight and single layer construction, it’s positively driven by sprockets.

The belt is made by high quality stainless steel wire, for thr edge, it is single loop (commonly seen), also, double-loop type is acceptable, which is used for special line.

It has light weight, therefore it’s usually used for light object conveyor, such as cooling, baking, drying, heating and packing machines.

2. Main features of the flat flex conveyor belt

1) Sprocket drive ensures positive and stable running;

2) Because of the large open area, it has good air permeability, which also ensures the dehydration capacity.

3) It has flexible rotation, good stability, high temperature resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life span.

3. Appliation of the flat flex conveyor belt

1) Food industry: the production of  snacks, pizza, vegetables, meat, biscuit, chocolate, nuts, fruit and so on.

2) It’s always used for light object conveyor.

4.Drawing of the flat flex conveyor belt