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Johnson Wedge Wire Screen Filter


Johnson Wedge Wire Screen Filter

Brief introduction of the Johnson wedge wire screen filter

The Johnson wedge wire screen filter adopts the world's advanced European-style full-wound welding production technology, and uses special trapezoidal (wedge-shaped) wire windings to be welded on a set of longitudinal support rods arranged in a circular pattern. Full-process welding ensures the strict continuous integrity of the product, so that it can form an ideal gap size.

Material can be stainless steel 302、304、304L、316、316L, a special one can be customized as per customers’ requirements.

Standard length of it is 3m and 5.85m, other size is customized.

It can be plate and tube, and widely used for water treatment.

Advantages of the Johnson Wedge Wire Screen Filter

1. The continuous gap greatly increases the water passing area, so the connection area with the aquifer is better.

2. The V-shaped section structure avoids blockage and ensures smooth circulation.

3. Continuous pores can be used effectively for a long time.

4. The trapezoidal filter pipe has strong structure, high porosity and precise gap size.

5. The trapezoidal wire water filter tube is easy to backwash, has a long service life, is safe and reliable, and has a low overall cost.