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Perforated Metal Tray


Perforated Metal Tray

1. This kind of tray is made of stainless steel or aluminum, surface of it is usually treated by electronic polishing, or adding non-stick coating (all food grade).

2. The most commonly used plate thickness of the tray is 0.5mm, 0.6mm , 0.8mm , 0.9mm , 1.0mm , 1.2mm etc.

According to the processing technology, it can be divided into two kinds: punch tray and manual welding tray.

3. Size of the tray is customized according to customers' requirements, also for the hole aperture and hole distance. Customers usually choose 3mm and 5mm hole size, 5mm and 8mm hole distance accordingly (from center to center).

4. Design of the tray is customized, totally processed as per customers' drawing.

5. Main features of the perforated metal tray

1)The tray has good corrosion and abrasion resistance, it works well under high temperature, even low temperature;

2) Using the technology of electronic polishing, surface of it is smooth and bright with no burr, also, non-stick coating can be added on surface of the tray;

3) It has stable structure and has a long service life, there has no rust on it and it’s easy to clean and use;

4) Effective against bacteria (stainless steel is a good material for anti-bacteria), and it can be repeatedly used;

5) Reasonable design, the rounded design makes it safe enough while using.

6. Application of the perforated metal tray

The perforated metal tray is widely used in all kinds of food field as baking tray.

It's used as drying and dehydration tray, too.