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Baking Trolley

1. Material of the baking trolley:

Stainless steel 201 304, aluminum alloy (among them, stainless steel 201 and aluminum alloy are the most used ones)

2. Layers of the trolley:

Generally 12, 15, 16, 32 layers, also, we accept customization, that means the trolley can be processed totally as per customers’ drawings.

(Standard size is suitable for 60*40 cm tray).

3. Different designs:

Flat chain plate support (picture showed on the left side)

Rod support (picture showed on the right side)



4. Plate Thickness:

Usually 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, others can be made as per requirements. (customers can choose as per load capacity)

5. Wheels:

by adding wheels, the trolley can turn to any direction. (the wheels have brakes.)

Wheels are different under high and low temperature environments.


6. Features of the trolley

1) High grade stainless steel or aluminum material, the trolley has stable structure and long service life.

2) Both high and low temperature resistance.

3) Except the standard sizes, we can also make a customized size as per customers’ drawings.

4) The wheels on the trolley have brakes, which brings great convenience while using.

5) Strong load capacoty, different plate thickness for choice.

7. Application fields of the trolley

The trolley is always used together with different kinds of trays.

The metal trolley is used for all kinds of food, bread baking, drying of edicinal materials.

Under both high and low temperature environments, it has stable structure and long service life.


8. Packing of the trolley

Usually, we pack the trolley by carton case and then plywood case.

A customizd package is acceptable as per customers’ requirements.


9. Different kinds of trays used together with the trolley