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Spiral Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt


Spiral wire mesh conveyor belt

Stainless steel conveyor belt is a mechanical accessory that is frictionally driven to transport materials in a continuous manner.

It can form a material conveying process on a certain conveying line from the initial feeding point to the final unloading point. It can carry out the transportation of all kinds of items.

In addition to pure material transportation, it can also be matched with the requirements of the technological process in the production process of various industrial enterprises to form a rhythmic assembly line.

1. Material of the spiral wire mesh conveyor belt

Material can be stainless steel, carbon steel, or galvanized steel.

2. Size of the spiral wire mesh conveyor belt

Customized size available, totally process as per customers’ need.

3. Main features of the spiral wire mesh conveyor belt

1) It has good air permeability, therefore it’s suitable for food and fruit process industries.

2) Baffle can be added on side of the conveyor belt, which is widely used for the transportation of irregular objects.

3) Density of the belt is customized: according to size of the conveyoring object, wire diameter, spiral pitch and other specification can be confirmed.

4) This kind of conveyor belt is usually driven by chain, there are many kinds of chains, also, for the transportaion of heavy objects, double-row chain can be a choice.

5) Turnable conveyor, which is suitable for turning conveyor and a complex environment.

4. Application field of the spiral wire mesh conveyor belt

Metal mesh conveyor belt is widely used in various modern industrial enterprises. It is an indispensable important accessory in various industries' automatic devices and modern automatic assembly lines.

5. Drawing of the spiral wire mesh conveyor belt