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Stainless Steel Filter Disc


Stainless steel filter disc

1. Material of the filter disc

Stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel perforated mesh, stainless steel sintered wire mesh, etching wire mesh, galvanized steel wire mesh, copper mesh

2. Size and shape of the filter disc

Customized size and shape can be round, square, rectangle and a special one

3. Layer of the filter disc

Single layer and multi layers

4. Side treatment

Hemming treatment

5. Main features of the filter disc

1) Selected raw material: all using high grade raw material, quality is ensured.

2) High strength and strong friction resistance, it has a long service life.

3) Surface treatment: using electronic polishing technique, surface of it is smooth and bright with no burr, hemming treatment for the side also prevents users from hurting.

6. Application field of the filter disc

The filter disc is suitable for petroleum, oil refining, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, machinery and other industries.