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Stainless Steel Filter Tube


Stainless steel filter tube / cartridge

1. Material of the filter tube / cartridge

Stainless steel 304, 304L, 316, 316L, stainless steel perforated metal mesh, stainless steel sintered wire mesh, etching wire mesh

2. Specificaion needed for the process of the tube / cartridge

Filter precision, dimensions, filtration area, pressure load, customized size is available as per customers’ different needs

3. Layers of the filter tube / cartridge

It can be one-layer or multi layers, as per the application field

4. Features of the filter tube / cartridge

1) High filtration efficiency: uniform hole size, it has good permeability, that improves the filtration efficiency a lot.

2) High strength and stable structure: it has exquisite appearance, good corrosion, abrasion and heat resistance, it can be repeatedly used for a long time.

3) Customized size and design, size of the tube is totally made as per customers’ drawing. For the perforated metal tube, hole shape can be round, square, diamond shape and a special one.

5. Application of the filter tube / cartridge

As an unnecessary part, the stainless steel filter tube / cartridge plays an important role in all kinds of industries, one advantage is that it can filter many kinds of impurities, such as gas, dust, particles, etc.

1) It is widely used in distillation, absorption, evaporation, filtration and other processes in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, machinery, medicine, automobile and other industries to eliminate impurities and bubbles mixed in gas and liquid.

2) Air filtration: air filter, vacuum filter, corrosive gas filtration and so on.

3) Liquid filtration: ceramic polluted water cleaning, beverages, sewage treatment, corrosive liquid filtration, beer brewing filters, etc.

4) Solid filtration: glass, coal, food processing industry, cosmetics, etc.

5) Oil filtering: oil refining, hydraulic oil, oil field pipelines, etc.

6) It’s also widely used in other fields: such as textile, insulation, automobile, chemical, metallurgy, medicine, electronics and so on.