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Stainless Steel Sterilization Basket


Stainless steel sterilization basket

1. According to the design, there are two kinds of sterilization basket: stainless steel perforated metal sterilization basket and stainless steel wire mesh sterilization basket.

2. Advantages of the stainless steel sterilization basket

1) Unlike plastic mesh, tainless steel mesh do not absorb pollutants, which is the best choice to destroy bacteria.

2) Stainless steel sterilization basket can bear high temperature, which is essential on autoclaving.

3) Stainless steel material has features of corrosion and abrasion resistance, it’s also durable, which bring it long service life.

4) It can be used repeatedly and easy to recycle.

5) Multi designs for your choice, handle and lid can be added as per need.

6) Exquisite workmanship, there has bo burr on surface of the basket, which ensures safety of the users.

3. Application of the stainless steel sterilization basket

It is widely used in hospitals, laboratories, workrooms etc , for the work of sterilization, washing, storage.