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Storage Basket


Storage Basket

Brief introduction of the storage basket

1. Material: stainless steel, iron metal mesh

2. Color: silver, black, white, gold, rose gold

3. Design & Size: Customized (totally as per customers’ need)

4. Surface Treatment: electronic polishing, spray (color can be white, black, gold, rose gold, green and so on)

5. Usage field: kitchen, bathroom (the storage of all kinds of objects)

Main features of the storage basket

1. Different kinds of surface treatment technology, for the stainless steel wire mesh material, usually use technique of electronic polishing, so surcafe of it is smooth and bright. For the iron metal one, we usually use spray, so it can do any color you need, such as white, black, gold, rose gold, etc.

2. Customized size and design, size of the basket is customized. For the design, lid, leg, wheels and other accessories can be added on the basket, they can also be stackable.

3. Wide appliation, storage basket is widely used in daily life, such as in kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, dining room (the storage of fruit, etc). It’s also used in hospital as sterilization basket